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For those seeking professional web design in Watford, Scout Digital offer an ideal solution. With clients both local and international – from Watford Football Club to Singapore Airlines, the Discovery Channel, Taylor Wimpey, Gino D’Acampo, Just Eat and the History Channel – we help brands and businesses large and small achieve their digital aims.

But as a local agency, we also build exceptional sites for Watford’s vibrant business community, providing expertise and genuine value to local companies with whom we form a lasting partnership – all at a fraction of the price of a central London agency.

We make your clients, consumers and prospects care about what you have to say by delivering first-class mobile-friendly websites, rich in content and built for engagement, stickiness and inspiration.

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Trusted by Watford’s Finest

At Scout, we’re proud to not just support Watford Football Club, but to build and deliver for them too. We work across the club’s entire digital network, producing bespoke websites such as their dedicated Hospitality Portal, to innovative virtual technology solutions and dedicated club community schemes such as Junior Hornets. We work with Watford FC on a daily basis, matching their dedication to the local community with the professionalism demanded by an internationally recognised, Premiership brand.


Why Go Local?

There really is no substitute for direct communication and expert local knowledge. As a local web development agency only a stone’s throw from Watford, we offer that ideal mix of top-level expertise and professionalism with the comfort and benefit that comes from working with a small team you can visit in person and develop a real partnership with. So rather than choosing a one-size-fits-all solution from a faceless company based in the back of beyond, you can work with a professional web developer in Watford, a local partner who will work with you face-to-face to produce stunning results for your business.


Local Agency, International Reach

Scout Digital is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a highly professional Watford web design agency. While we serve world-renowned clients, as a local agency we also build fantastic websites for Watford’s thriving business community. We offer our digital expertise and value to local companies with whom our goal is to form a long-term partnership based on trust, honesty and the delivery of excellent digital products.

Our websites have the power to make your clients, consumers and prospects care about what you’re saying to them through the delivery of first-class responsive websites that are content-rich and built exclusively to engage, for stickiness and to inspire.


What We Offer

Scout delivers jaw-dropping mobile-ready websites, astounding apps and dynamic digital content. We develop extraordinary digital products across the spectrum – from full websites and campaign destinations to apps, videos, features and website copy.  Our team of strategists, developers, content producers and professional journalists help brands reach out and connect with their audience, turning passing interest into positive action.


Stunning Websites, Easy Management

Today’s modern businesses want to stay in control of their online presence, so it doesn’t matter if we’re producing a single holding page for a small local business or a full-scale e-commerce solution for a global brand. We ensure you remain in control so if you’re thinking to yourself ‘I need a website for my company in Watford’ then Scout Digital is the right place for you.

Every website we create comes with intuitive and easy-to-use content management systems which give you the flexibility to update your content and imagery, pricing, stock levels and everything else on your site quickly and easily – and you don’t need to be a tech genius to figure it out!

Everything’s simple and intuitive to use and if you do happen to get stuck, your favourite Watford web design agency is at the end of the phone!


Web Design Watford: Why Scout?

Two simple words – Quality and Affordability. When you search for a web developer in Watford or a digital agency in Watford, there’s plenty of choice, so why should you put your eggs in our basket when there are lots of baskets to choose from?

We have perfected the combination of the two words we mentioned above – quality and affordability. Over the years we’ve worked with clients of all sizes and complexities, from world-renowned global broadcasters and Premier League football clubs to small start-ups and great local businesses and we can boast a fantastic portfolio of genuinely incredible websites, campaign destinations, microsites, content marketing campaigns and SEO articles – as well as video, social, eye-catching infographics and viral campaigns.

When we quote for a project, you can rest assured in the knowledge that there are no stealth charges or any uncertainties at all. Our quote documents, prices and processes are clear, jargon-free, structured and transparent. You will know exactly how the web development process is going to work as well as how much it’s going to cost and in addition to all that, we’ll make sure we offer you genuine value for money by researching your business and your industry and giving you exactly what you’ve asked us for.

It really is as straightforward as that, so if you’re a local business and you’re looking for a Watford web designer of the finest quality, we will help you to grow your business by delivering superb results.


A Leading Digital Agency a Stone’s Throw from Watford

When we design, develop and build a website for you, we give you a dynamic digital home which your entire service offering can revolve around. This allows you to grow your online presence – sometimes known as a digital footprint – and grab the initiative to develop a robust online identity. We work with clients from all over the globe, but we’ve also established a solid local reputation and solution for businesses looking for a fantastic digital agency in Watford.

As a local Hertfordshire web agency, we know that we can’t sit still and rest on our laurels. We constantly fine-tune our service offering and the local area and we give clients of all sizes and complexity of brief a digital presence they can be incredibly proud of.


Affordable, Professional Website Developers in Watford and Hertfordshire

Every single service is offered at an affordable cost and we give you the benefit of our creative insights, high-level strategic planning and first-class customer service while we give you a digital solution you – and we – can be immensely proud of, at the same time giving you outstanding value for your money. Without breaking the bank, you get a robust, future-proof website to showcase your business to the big wide world.

We design, develop and build websites in our digital design studio in Watford and we work with all types of clients, from fascinatingly innovative start-ups to world-renowned corporate behemoths as well as schools, colleges, charities, restaurants and all types of local businesses and industry bodies.


Hassle-Free Website Hosting

You wanted web design Watford and we’ve designed, developed, built, written and secured your website, so what do we do next?

Now we need people to see the website. We need to make it visible to the greatest possible audience. One element of that is to host the site on fast, reliable and extremely secure servers with unlimited email addresses and a host of state-of-the-art features that ensure an optimum service with minimal downtime.

Your brand-new website from your web designers in Watford is replicated in two geographically separate cloud-based datacentres that use the same level of encryption (AES256) used by the FBI, the US government and NASA and experts suggest that it would take five trillion of today’s computers almost 200 years to crack it!

We provide high-availability hosting for dozens of clients including Watford Football Club, the Discovery Channel, Taylor Wimpey, the History Channel, Singapore Airlines and Four Seasons Hotel Group and our hosting and maintenance provision includes first-line support, constant monitoring, and full backup solutions.


Additional Digital Services

Every day the digital landscape expands dramatically and that means we can’t ever sit still and watch it happen. We are Watford web designers, but we have a solid track record in the development of paradigm-shifting, engaging apps; we carefully plan and execute effective, results-driven content marketing campaigns including blogs and e-newsletters that add real-time value to your service offering.

We have an incredibly talented team of writers, journalists and content producers who work alongside our digital strategists to deliver persuasive web copy, SEO features, blogs, articles and social media content, all perfectly planned and delivered leading to a positive impact on your business.

We go way beyond just building websites. We help you to truly lead the way in your sector – so while Scout Digital is a leading web design agency in Watford, we’re so much more than that.


Why Use a Web Design Agency in Watford?

If you’re looking for a website builder in Watford, either for your own site or a full digital marketing solution, you have options.

As an experienced, professional web design agency in Hertfordshire, we offer each client an outstanding service that genuinely hits the spot. There are lots of good freelance web designers in Watford who work from home and offer a decent service, but we firmly believe that an agency partner gives you a far better digital product, a far better long-term service and far more security to allow you to grow your business.

Here at Scout, we give each and every client reliability, security and top-notch customer service. As an agency, we offer a broad range of talented staff, all in-house – graphic designers, web developers, strategists and professional copywriters who have written for some of the world’s biggest brands.

We won’t suddenly disappear to Mexico or get too big for our boots so we no longer support our loyal clients who have been with us for years – or both – the common journey for the freelance web developer, and if you have an issue, however small or seemingly insignificant that affects your digital products, we’re at the end of the phone or just a short hop to our office.

So, if you’re on the hunt for an SEO agency in Watford, a branding agency in Watford or a Watford content marketing agency, you’ll find everything you need right here at Scout and you can be confident that you’re not pinning all your hopes on a one-man band who may or may not be around next year.

You also have the confidence and peace of mind knowing we have worked with a wide and eclectic range of fantastic clients, from brilliantly innovative and disruptive start-ups through to world-famous global brands across a plethora of industry sectors, both niche and mainstream.


Local Digital Marketers with Local Knowledge: Our Short History of Watford

Fifteen miles northwest of central London in south Hertfordshire, Watford is bordered to the north by St Albans, to the east by Barnet, to the west by Rickmansworth and to the south by Borehamwood.

The town’s earliest name – ‘Watforda’ – was first mentioned in an Anglo-Saxon charter in 1007 but it’s not listed in the Domesday Book since the area was part of the Abbey of St Albans. There have been a few Celtic and Roman finds in the area including flint tools from the Stone Age, a Bronze Age hoard and Anglo-Saxon coins from the 10th century but there’s very little evidence of prehistoric occupation until much later.

Strategically placed, Watford stands where there would have been a crossing of the River Colne, allowing travellers to travel from northwest to southeast and even today Watford High Street follows this course. The town was built up on the dry ground beside the marshy edges of the river and it’s possible that the name may have stemmed from either ‘waet’ (marshy area) or ‘wath’ (hunting) and ‘ford’.

It wasn’t until the 12th century that a settlement developed. A market was granted to the Abbot of St Albans (where it flourished well into the 20th century) and he also arranged for the building of the first church, St Mary’s, next to the market. Sadly, the church is all that remains from the medieval period.

The oldest domestic buildings to have survived are the Bedford Almshouses from around 1580 and others, including Monmouth House from the 17th century and the Free School, Frogmore House, Benskin House, Little Cassiobury and Russells from the 18th.

It wasn’t until the early years of the 19th century that the town really started to flourish. The opening of the Grand Union Canal allowed goods to flow into the town and when the railway arrived in 1837, it encouraged new industry and a rapidly growing population.

In the later years of the 19th century, train links into London allowed commuters to move out to Hertfordshire. Residential streets were quickly developed and Watford grew into a thriving town.

Into the 20th century and between the wars, the railway was the biggest local employer and after the war, Watford became well-known as a centre for the printing industry but with many British towns, the decline of industry has led to the service industries being the town’s main employer.

Today, Watford remains a thriving commuter town with excellent road and rail links all over the country, great schools, a huge out-of-town shopping centre and lots of bars, restaurants, shops and leisure activities.

Dominating the town is Watford Football Club. The Premier League side who play at Vicarage Road was founded in 1881 (as Watford Rovers) and The Hornets are enjoying a resurgence under Spanish manager Javi Gracia and Italian owner Gino Pozzo. Legendary musician Sir Elton John is the club’s Honorary Life President.


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Whether you’re looking for web design in Watford, a branding agency in Watford or an SEO agency in Watford or even a content marketing expert, Scout have everything you need. For Watford web design, contact us today on 020 7920 6464 or email hi@scoutdigital.co.uk and we’ll give you all the information you need. 


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