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Loads of people search Google for professional web design in Edgware and many of them find Scout Digital. Here at Scout, we have designed and developed some absolutely superb websites for some world-famous companies such as Taylor Wimpey, the Discovery Channel, Watford Football Club, BBC Worldwide, Singapore Airlines and Just Eat.

But of course we don’t just work for global brands. We are a genuinely local digital agency and we have built – and continue to build – beautiful websites for Edgware’s fantastic business community, offering real value, experience and expertise to local businesses with whom we develop long term, trusted relationships.

We make your customers and clients care about what you’re telling them by giving you a website that works across desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles and which is rich in content and built for stickiness and engagement.

The best bit is that it doesn’t cost the earth.


A Leading Digital Agency Near Edgware

We have developed a formula that works – fantastic design, excellent technical ability and SEO copy that gets results. This ensures that our reputation as one of the top web designers in Edgware stands up to scrutiny. We also offer each client the winning triumvirate of affordability, professionalism and innovative creative flair.

Even though we are a leading digital agency in Edgware, we have clients all over the world and we love working with them but we also love working with Edgware’s entrepreneurial business community and we ensure we deliver for them every time. We have created some truly memorable websites and digital solutions which has helped them to seize the initiative with an incredible web presence and lets them shout louder than their competitors.

We live in an age where no business can stand still and that is no truer than it is for the digital world so as a web company in Edgware our team is always looking for innovative ways in which we can refine what we deliver for our clients. That way we can always give them digital products they – and us – are proud of.


What We Offer

Put very simply – fantastic websites! Our service offering covers the whole digital spectrum including websites that are fully responsive on all screens and devices, online shops and e-commerce solutions, apps, SEO and content marketing campaigns and awesome infographics and everything produced by us is taken care of by our amazingly talented in-house team.

Talking about our team, they really are the heartbeat of what we do. We have handpicked a very talented team of designers, developers, copywriters and strategists who have the amazing ability to give your brand the edge.


Fantastic Sites, Very Easy To Manage

If you’re thinking to yourself ‘I need a website for my company in Edgware’, Scout Digital can help. If you’re looking for us to create a holding page, a small site for a local business or a complex e-commerce, multi-language site for an international company, you will stay in control of your website.

Every site we build is built with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that doesn’t need a PhD to use. It’s easy and intuitive and we will talk you through it so you know what you’re doing but of course we are always on hand to help you if you need it.

The CMS allows you to do things such as updating content and imagery, change prices, alter stock levels and lots more and it’s quick and easy. As we said, if you do run into a cul-de-sac, your Edgware web designer is available to help you.


Why Choose Scout Digital For Web Design in Edgware?

We can answer that one pretty easily – affordability and quality.

On the basis that these days there’s lots of choices when you search ‘web designer in Edgware’, why should you choose Scout Digital?

We’ve got lots of reasons including the fact that we work with great local businesses all the way up to huge internationally-recognised companies and regardless of your size and reach, quality and affordability are top of our list.

Take a look at our client list and you’ll see that we have a style and a quality that’s second to none.

As soon as we’ve spoken and agreed the full scope of the project we’ll send you a quote. That quote is fixed and we’ll never shock you with add-ons or surprises. The quote is clear and transparent and should you need us to we will explain in detail exactly what we’ve sent you but the one thing we will guarantee you is value for money.

We don’t miss deadlines and we’ll make sure that we understand you, your business and your industry which gives us the tools to deliver precisely what you’ve asked us for. In fact, if you choose the best web designer in Edgware we like to think that you’ll get more than you ask for!

It’s no more complicated than that! So if you want to work with a first-class Edgware web designer, get in touch with us today – we promise you’ll be astounded by what we deliver!


Affordable & Professional Web Developers near Edgware

As we say to every client, it’s your money and it’s your business and you want innovative creative insight, a strong digital strategy, technical expertise and experience, real-time value and outstanding customer service that even if we do say so ourselves – are very hard to find anywhere else. Your website will showcase your business or organisation in its best light.

From our design studio near Edgware, we will design, develop and write your brand-new site and we have experience working with an eclectic range of businesses including bars and restaurants, football clubs, broadcasters, schools and colleges, charities, IT companies and many more who need an Edgware web designer.


Simple Web Hosting

We designed, developed and wrote your fantastic new website after your ‘web design Edgware’ Google search, so now how do we get people to see it?

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a robust website that will withstand lots and lots of people looking at it is to host it on secure, fast, reliable servers that offer lots of great features and benefits including unlimited email inboxes.

Our websites are hosted in two cloud-based datacentres (in the incredibly rare event one goes down the other will keep your site online) and for your peace of mind, they use the same encryption as the FBI and NASA so when we say your site is secure, we really do mean it’s secure.

Many of our high-profile clients such as the Discovery Channel, Taylor Wimpey and Gino D’Acampo trust us to host their websites and package-dependent, the provision includes first line support, 24/7 monitoring and hourly backups.


More Digital Services

We are fully aware that as Edgware web designers, the digital world get more and more competitive by the day. It’s up to us to deliver game-changing apps that get users and downloads, to write attractive copy for websites, SEO campaigns, newsletters and blogs that convert readers into taking positive action and to execute results-driven content marketing campaigns. Everything we do adds value to your business.

In fact we are so much more than a top web agency near Edgware.


Why Should You Go Local?

It’s all about going local these days, it’s a byword for quality services. Every day we read about local independent shops, local food producers, local markets and local restaurants and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t extend to local web designers. As a client you get a far richer experience working with a local digital agency – like Scout Digital – who know and work in the area where you are.

What would you prefer? A local web developer in Edgware who you know and trust or a faceless company in the back of beyond who do websites by numbers and offer no personal touch whatsoever?

We thought so.

Local knowledge is vital to understand the audience you’re looking to engage with and by working with an Edgware web design agency who know who you’re looking to target and what you’re trying to achieve with your website, you get what you want rather than making do with templates and off the shelf websites.


Why Use A Web Agency in Edgware?

A good question, and here’s the answer. Using a professional web design agency – Scout Digital for example – doesn’t just guarantee you first-class design, technical skills and copywriting but crucially you benefit from ongoing support and website maintenance for the duration of your time with us.

There are lots of great freelance web designers in Edgware who work from their spare bedrooms or kitchen tables and they will give you a good service but when you’re considering using a web designer in Edgware you need to think beyond just having a nicely designed website. By using Scout Digital, one of the best web designers in Edgware, you can be sure that we won’t move to Spain or take a full-time job elsewhere and leave you not knowing if you will ever be able to update your website – sadly the all too common journey of the freelancer.

If there’s ever anything you need from us we are at the end of the phone, on email or in the office. Pop in and have a coffee!

So if you’re searching for a website designer in Edgware, drop us a line right now! We are ready and waiting and we work on a first come, first served basis. We are reliable, honest, affordable and we have a super-talented team who want to help you get your business to where you want it to be.

Everything you need is right here under one roof and since a web agency in Edgware like Scout Digital has all staff in-house, everything is in place for us to create a jaw-droppingly brilliant website for you whether you are searching for an SEO agency in Edgware, a branding agency in Edgware or a content marketing agency in Edgware.

We’ll make sure you are well looked after during your digital journey with us and you’ll also have a dedicated project manager who will be your principal point of contact through planning, design, development, copywriting and implementation as well as making sure that when the site goes live to the world, our after-sales service is as good.


Local Digital Marketers with Local Knowledge: A Short History of Edgware

Sitting about 10 miles northwest of Charing Cross in the London boroughs of Barnet and Harrow, Edgware is a thriving, multicultural town mainly centred around shopping and residential suburbia with a population of around 80,000.

The name Edgware is derived from ‘Ecgi’s weir’. Egci is a long-forgotten Saxon man and the weir related to a pond or lake where the locals caught fish. It wasn’t written in the Domesday Book and the first recorded mention was in 1422 as ‘Eggeswer’ in the ancient parish county of Middlesex. By the 1490s it had morphed into Edggeware.

There is evidence that the Romans were making pottery in the Brockley Hill area (thought by some to be the ancient Roman town of Sulloniacis, known only from an entry in the Antonine itinerary). The Roman road of Watling Street saw thousands of travellers pass through between Canterbury and the Welsh border including legendary highwayman Dick Turpin who is reputed to have started his criminal career in Edgware.

From the 13th century until the end of the 16th century, the area was mixed agriculture, producing hay and being a resting place on the way to London for animals to be fattened and sold. Naturally, a weekly market emerged and trades developed including butchers, tailors, colliers (people who sell charcoal) and brewers but it petered out in the 1790s.

In or around 1713, James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos built a palace at Cannons Park for the staggering 18th century sum of £250,000 (the 2020 equivalent of over £37 million). It was demolished in 1744 and everything was sold to pay off the duke’s death taxes.

There was a cattle and pleasure fair in Edgware between the 1760s and the 1860s with horse racing between 1834 and 1855 when most of the town was given over to the production of hay.

Unlike many of the towns that spring up around the outskirts of London, Edgware’s residents were resistant to the railway arriving in the 1860s. The objections mainly came from the wealthier residents who didn’t want the architectural abominations usually associated with rail expansion.

The start of the 20th century saw very slow expansion (the population in 1921 was only 1,500) but grew steadily after the Second World War and by the 1960s the population was up to 17,000. It officially became a suburb in 1965, joining the London Borough of Barnet.

Today as we mentioned, Edgware is a residential suburb on the outskirts of northwest London with a good mix of shops, restaurants, cafés and bars, residential streets and small businesses.


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If you’re searching for Edgware web developers, a branding agency near Edgware, an SEO agency in Edgware or a content marketing agency in Edgware, Scout Digital have everything you need to succeed.

For Edgware web design, contact us today on 020 7920 6464 or email hi@scoutdigital.co.uk and we’ll tell you all you need to know.

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