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As a professional Borehamwood web design agency, Scout produce exquisite digital solutions for the world’s best-known brands, including the Discovery Channel, BBC Worldwide, Taylor Wimpey, Just Eat, Gino D’Acampo, and the History Channel.

Yet as a local agency, we also build exceptional sites for Borehamwood’s vibrant business community, providing expertise and exceptional value to local organisations with whom we form a real partnership.

We deliver first-class, responsive websites, rich in content and built for engagement, stickiness and inspiration. All without breaking the bank.

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What We Offer

Scout delivers jaw-dropping mobile-ready websites, astounding apps and dynamic digital content. We develop extraordinary digital products – from full websites and campaign destinations to apps, videos, features and web copy.  Our team of strategists, developers, content producers and professional journalists help you reach out and connect with your audience, turning passing interest into positive action.


A Leading Digital Agency, Right Here in Borehamwood

We are a digital agency in Borehamwood who have worked with clients from all over the world. In partnership with our clients, we deliver a dynamic digital home that revolves around their entire service offering, allowing them to grow their web presence, grab the initiative in their industry and develop a sound and robust online identity.

Using a tried and tested formula of stunning design, technical expertise and search engine-optimised copy, Scout has an established reputation as one of the very best website designers in Borehamwood – and London – by combining affordability, professionalism and a flair for creativity and innovation.

Above all others, the digital space is not a sector where anyone can stand still. As a web company in Borehamwood, we give clients of all sizes a complete digital solution they can be proud of.


Web Design Borehamwood: Why Scout? Quality and Affordability

We understand that when you’re looking for a web developer in Borehamwood or a digital agency in Borehamwood, you have choice, so why should you choose Scout? We constantly strive to combine quality with affordability. We have experience working with businesses of all sizes and a portfolio of truly outstanding websites, campaign destinations, microsites, content marketing campaigns and SEO articles as well as video, social, infographics and viral campaigns.

But we also make sure that we offer genuine value.

Our quotes, prices and processes are structured and transparent – so you know exactly how your web development process will work and what the total cost will be. There are no hidden charges or uncertainties – once we quote, the scope and project costs are fixed.

Our turnaround times are always on schedule and we will research your business and your industry to make sure what we give you is precisely what you asked for. In fact we are fans of over-delivering so if you pay a visit to the premier web designer in Borehamwood, it’s likely you’ll get more than you asked for!

It really is that simple – if you’re a local business and you’re keen to work with a high-quality Borehamwood web designer, we’ll do all we can to deliver exceptional results and help you grow your business.


Astounding Websites, Easy Management

If you’re thinking to yourself ‘I need a website for my company in Borehamwood’ then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s a holding page for a local company or a comprehensive e-commerce website for a world-renowned business, we make sure that you remain in full control of your online presence.

Our websites come complete with easy-to-use content management systems which allow you to maintain and update content, images, pricing, stock levels and indeed any and all information on your site quickly and easily.

The best part is that you don’t need any technical expertise whatsoever. The systems are simple to use and of course your favourite Borehamwood web design agency is on hand for anything you need!


Affordable, Professional Website Developers in Borehamwood

We design, develop and build websites in-house from our digital design studio in Borehamwood.

We offer our services at an affordable price – bringing the creative insight, strategic planning and customer service that brings you an exceptional website or digital product while ensuring outstanding value for money. Ultimately, you end up with a first-class product to showcase your business or organisation without breaking the bank.

We work with all types of clients, from innovative start-ups to global corporate heavyweights as well as schools, charities, local businesses and industry bodies.


Hassle-Free Hosting For Your Website

You wanted web design borehamwood… We’ve designed, developed, built and written your website. Now what? Now we need people to see it. To do that, we host your site on fast, secure and reliable servers that give you an unlimited number of e-mail boxes and a host of features and benefits to ensure an optimum service with minimal downtime.

We’ve provided high-availability hosting for dozens of our clients, including The Discovery Channel, Taylor Wimpey, Gino D’Acampo and Globetrekker TV. Our hosting and maintenance provision includes first line support, monitoring, and full backup solutions.

Just by the way, when we talk about secure, we really do mean secure. Your site (and all accompanying data) is replicated in two geographically separate cloud-based datacentres that use the AES256 cipher.

This is the same level of encryption used by NASA, the US Government and the FBI and experts say it would take five trillion of today’s desktop computers 197 years to crack!


Additional Digital Services

While we are Borehamwood web designers, the digital landscape is getting bigger by the day and we don’t sit still. We develop paradigm-shifting apps that engage with your audience; we plan and execute highly effective and results-driven content marketing campaigns including blogs and e-newsletters that add real time value to your service offering; our team of writers and journalists deliver exceptional web, SEO, blog, article and social content, and our strategists plan and deliver digital strategies that will have a positive impact on your business.

So while Scout is a leading web design agency in Borehamwood, we’re so much more. We go beyond just building websites to help you truly lead the way in your sector.


The History of Borehamwood’s Creative Industries

In 1914, a small motion picture facility called Neptune Studio opened in the village of Boreham Wood (as it was then known). It was easy to get to from London but was far enough out of the smog and grime of wartime London. A decade later, Hollywood producer JD Williams and a young British producer called Herbert Wilcox were looking for a site to construct a studio capable of matching what the Americans were doing and decided on Elstree (as Elstree was a more established geographical name). The net result was the world-famous Elstree Studios.

The first film made at the new studio was Madame Pompadour with silent film star Dorothy Gish. When Williams and Wilcox fell out with investors, ownership was passed to a John Maxwell. He signed up new talent including one Alfred Hitchcock who directed Blackmail there, widely regarded as Britain’s first ‘talkie’.

Borehamwood’s Elstree Studios was ground-breaking for many reasons, including for the development of colour production and multi-language films. In the 1920s and 30s the studios were responsible for the burgeoning careers of future Hollywood heavyweights Stewart Granger, Lawrence Olivier, Charles Laughton, Anna Neagle, Ray Milland and Googie Withers. By the outbreak of WW2, Elstree Studios has produced over 200 feature films. Charlie Chaplin described the studios as ‘the home of the British film industry’ for good reason.

Over the next 40 years the stars that came in and out of Elstree Studios read like a ‘who’s who’ of the world’s greatest acting and filmmaking talent – Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Richard Harris, David Niven, Sophia Loren, Gregory Peck, Errol Flynn, Lauren Bacall, Albert Finney, Sean Connery, Richard Burton and Ingrid Bergman.

Spielberg directed the Indiana Jones trilogy here, Kubrick produced The Shining here, Sidney Lumet directed Murder on the Orient Express here and a young American filmmaker decided to base an obscure sci-fi film here. The filmmaker was George Lucas and the obscure sci-fi flick was Star Wars.

In the late 1980s, businessman George Walker through his company Brent Walker bought the studios and sold 12 acres to Tesco. After renovating and modernising the whole facility, the studio came under the ownership of the local community and has thrived ever since.

Recently, Robert Downey Jr, Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Scarlett Johansson, Simon Pegg and Colin Firth have made films here and the TV output ably led by EastEnders and including Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice, Pointless, Room 101, Celebrity Juice, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and The Chase are all filmed here.

There is no doubt that Borehamwood has a rich, vibrant creative history and the town has seen other creative sectors emerge in recent years, including designers, copywriters and of course a number of website developers in Borehamwood and web designers in Borehamwood also coming to the fore – of which Scout are now established as one of the leading lights.


Why Go Local?

You can’t open a newspaper or trawl your social media without hearing reference to ‘go local’. Whether it’s local food producers, independent high street shops or creative services, engaging a company that knows your area and the market in which you operate is invaluable.

So when it comes to your website you have a choice. You can take a one-size-fits-all solution from a faceless company based in who-knows-where or you can find a web developer in Borehamwood, a local partner who will work with you face-to-face to produce something stunning for your business.

There is no substitute for face-to-face communication and local knowledge. As a local business, we work with companies across the area – from Borehamwood, Watford and Elstree to BarnetFinchley and beyond. So working with a local Borehamwood web design agency, that understands your objectives and can deliver on time and on budget, will bring you the kind of service and result that you simply can’t achieve from one-size-fits-all solutions.


Why Use an Agency?

If you’re looking for a professional web design agency in Borehamwood for your website or even for a full digital marketing solution, you may find a number of options.

There are lots of talented freelance web designers in Borehamwood working from home who can offer a good service, but we believe as a professional web agency we can offer an exceptional service that genuinely hits the mark.

As an agency, we not only offer a wide range of talent – with graphic designers, web developers, strategists and professional copywriters all in-house – but we also offer reliability, security and customer service. We won’t suddenly up-sticks and move to New Zealand, or take a new role and no longer support previous clients, or both – the classic journey of the freelance web developer – and if you have a problem or need technical advice quickly, you know exactly where we are.

A web agency in Borehamwood such as Scout has a comprehensive range of services, in-house and under one roof. So whether you are seeking an SEO agency in Borehamwood, a branding agency in Borehamwood or a content marketing agency in Borehamwood, at Scout, you’ll find everything you need in one place.

You benefit from an experienced creative team looking after every aspect of your digital marketing as well as a single point of contact, from the planning stage through the design, development and implementation as well as a robust after-sales infrastructure.

In addition, you have the confidence that we have worked with a diverse range of clients, from innovative start-ups through to world-renowned brands across a broad spectrum of industry sectors.


Local Digital Marketers with Local Knowledge: A Short History of Borehamwood

Although the name Borehamwood was 1,000 years old and most of the town as we know it was built within living memory, its roots can be traced back to Roman times. The town sat on Watling Street (the original Roman and Celtic names for the road have been lost to history) and in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, the area was renowned for pottery and tile manufacture.

Often combined as Borehamwood & Elstree, the area came into the possession of St Albans Abbey and one of the earliest mentions of the area is from 1188 (when it was known as Bosci de Boreham, or Wood of Boreham):

‘In 1188, Pope Clement granted to the kitchen of the monastery the whole land of Elstree. He also gave to the Abbey the wood of Boreham for the feeding of the swine’.

Like many hamlets and villages outside the City of London at that time (and for many hundreds of years hence), the area was almost exclusively rural. In 1424, St. Nicholas Church was built (and rebuilt in the 1850s) and there are a number of buildings that date from a similar time, including the Holly Bush pub. Fast forward to the early 18thcentury and enter the Plough public house (now the East restaurant in Elstree Village) where coaches travelling from London to St Albans would stop for refreshment. Around this time, the population was about 350 people.

In Victorian times, the parish of Borehamwood was still little more than a small village centered around Theobald Street and surrounded by farmland, but in a typical case of urban growth, the population grew exponentially as the railway arrived in 1868. Even so, at the turn of the 20th century, the population was just over 1,300 (compared to around 30,000 today) and in 1924, the telephone exchange had just 97 subscribers!

The growth of Borehamwood really took off after the Second World War. Between 1945 and 1956, almost 4,500 homes were built and the names of roads such as Bullhead Road, Cranes Way and Whitehouse Avenue pay homage to the farms that stood on the land before it was developed.

Today, Borehamwood is heavily connected with retail, distribution and offices, predominantly due to its proximity to the A1 and latterly the M25, but it is also a thriving town where people of all social classes live and work and further residential development is planned for the next five years to satisfy demand.

As well as having a vibrant, flourishing community, web design in Borehamwood is as good as it’s ever been and Scout remain a leading light in the sector, bringing world-renowned organisations to the town while serving the digital needs of local businesses.

For Borehamwood web design, contact us today on 020 7920 6464 or emailhi@scoutdigital.co.uk and we’ll talk you through everything you need to know.

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